About this database

The Gender Statistics Database by National Women's Education Center of Japan (NWEC) provides 423 statistical tables to show the situation of Japanese women and men in their daily living. It lays emphasis on showing the differences and similarities between women and men.

The tables in the database are divided into 11 categories and most of them are originally from statistical data by government ministries and agencies. All the tables are provided in excel format.

No Category Tables
1 Population 33
2 Household and family 61
3 Labour 73
4 Time use and unpaid work 29
5 Household budget and property 29
6 Learning and education 26
7 Social security and welfare 55
8 Health 29
9 Security and crime 26
10 Decision-making 37
11 Consciousness survey 25

Brief history of the Database

1997 The Statistic Database on Women and Family was released via the personal computer communication. It was a result of a four-year research project on statistics on women and family.
Jan. 1999 The Database was put on the Internet and provided in excel format.
May 2002 Women's Information Thesaurus developed by NWEC was installed into the Database to improve efficiency in retrieval.
2003 The name of the Database was changed to Gender Statistics Database and the improvement was made based on recommendations by a research project on gender statistics.


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